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Maria Jose Valenzuela, is an Ayurvedic practitioner based in Byron Bay, Australia. Holistic Lifestyle and Wellness coach, offers tailored programs in wellbeing, diet and nutrition. Online and in person Ayurvedic Consultations. We also offer Ayurvedic Detox Boxes to restore digestion and natural products to help optimise overall health. Benefit from over 5000 years of health and wisdom with our programs that include easy to follow daily practices, soothing herbs, medicines and adequate food recommendations for your Body/Mind-Dosha type.

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Thank you!

Maria, I want to say thank you because now Ayurveda is part of my diet and I follow the routines more or less everyday. My digestion is much stronger... you changed my vision of food and nutrition... Very Insightful consultation and guidance, deep Gratitude.

Marcella Patanelli

The boxes were beautifully presented

The Detox was very easy to prepare, making the journey easy and stress-free. After completing the Detox I felt more energised and healthier. I'm doing my second box now.

Irit Harris
Melbourne, Australia

This Detox was like having my hand held

Just wanted to say I loved doing the cleanse! It was like having my hand held through the whole process with my little packets of goodness. I don’t reckon I would have stuck out 5 days if I just made my own version of Detox. Semolina porridge was so yummy.

Ree Evans
Byron Bay

For a guy like me, it was really easy to do

After a period of stress, eating wrong and overall unbalanced, I decided to go for this Ayurvedic “5 DAY DETOX”. In a nutshell, it was fantastic. One of the reasons I resisted other Detoxes before was because I didn’t want to be hungry nor have headaches. Maria explained to me well the procedure and I decided to try it. Now after 2 months I still feel the benefits from the cleanse in my Digestive System, but overall; the clarity in my mind, and in my emotions. Being so present to cook for myself, to enjoy every bite and smell as Maria invites in the very descriptive labels, really raised my awareness, a real gift!. The food is very simple to prepare; well-explained step by step. So for a guy like me, that is not into complicated cooking was easy to do. I really recommend it! I wish I can do it once a month! Actually I’m already looking forward to my next box!

Augusto Pineda
Sydney, Australia

Amazing nutritional advice

Maria is the best! All the way from Australia, we had a consultation. I needed a different perspective on a natural approach that could help with a bone disease I suffer. By faithfully following the routines and the dietary advice she suggested I’ve had enormous improvement. I totally recommend her as a holistic practitioner, she will do all she can to help you!

Francisca Ferretti
Santiago, Chile

I felt so nourished and grounded

It was such an easeful, supportive experience that gave me an immense amount of energy and grounding. It truly reminded me of the ancient healing power of Ayurveda. The simplicity of the diet and the immense power of high-quality spice combinations truly reset, settled, soothed, and balanced my entire system..not only the digestive one!

I was never hungry, felt so nourished and grounded, and looked forward to the meals every day.

The only side affect…I am truly addicted to this now! Noooo kidding! 

Highly recommended!

Sunne Johansen
Byron Bay, Australia

After this Detox, my bloated belly was gone

My experience with Maria has been incredibly positive. Starting with a very caring and personalized attention, with detailed instructions on how to do carry the “5-day detox” plan on my own, followed by a very thorough follow-through on my evolution throughout the process. After the Detox my bloated belly was gone, I did not have gas cramps anymore and my mind felt more sharp and creative. I felt so good that I decided to follow the diet with the cleansing enemas, always following Maria’s sweet and comforting guidance, and that was a success as well. I plan to include this detox and cleansing plan regularly into my life. Thank you Maria for all your loving and caring support and for introducing me to Ayurveda.

Arianne Martin
Barcelon, Spain

Maria is such a nurturing guide into health!

After the cleanse I felt so much lighter and more alert and I slept better! It was Amazing!
Your support Maria during the cleanse and after with the personal consultation was so nurturing. You guided me into eating the correct foods, you explained more about Ayurveda and my Dosha type, you made lists and made it so easy for me to follow the most beneficial diet for my optimum health.
Thank you for being such a wonderful help and teacher!
I am going to do a cleanse again!

Unmani C. Burkhardt

No pre-period migraine for the first time in years.

Hi beautiful Maria. I’ve been on the herbs for nearly a week now and my energy and my period already feel so different. It’s incredible. I will come see you for a review maybe in a month like you suggested, to see how it’s all going. Thank you so much.

Bec Isaac
Byron Bay, Australia
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At AyurvedaSOL, we aim to create for you exclusive, simple and tailored programs that can easily be done on a daily basis at home to improve overall health and lifestyle. These will nurture the whole body, mind and spirit through, wholesome foods, balancing herbs, yoga, lifestyle advice, and ancient practices that cleanse, balance and calm the mind and heal the body.

Based in Byron Bay, Australia, we have now open world-wide to offer Ayurvedic online consultations.