A Brief on Detox Cleanse Diet Plans

What is a Detox Cleanse Diet and what are its benefits?

This ideas will help you decide whether a Detox Diet Plan is correct for you or not.

What is a Detox Cleanse Diet?

Detox diets are short-term interruptions in your food habits. Their purpose is to eliminate toxins resulting from regular mixed foods from your body... I like to say Detox Cleanses aim to give the digestive system a "well-needed break" from it's multitasking duties. The best method to start a Detox Cleanse is to consult with your holistic practitioner to make sure you wont be aggravating any Doshas nor missing out on any nutrients while you cleanse. 

The way we suggest in Ayurveda Sol to Detox is by following a program of minimum food intake, which will give the body the "fuel" it needs along with the necessary spices, seeds, herbs and REAL NOURISHING WHOLESOME FOOD. 

Detoxing with REAL FOOD is the only thing your body can naturally process, assimilate and timely eliminate in an optimal way. All the cleanses that are based on pills, powders or dehydrated components or just fasting, wont resonate with the body's tissues, and will eventually aggravate one or more of the Doshas taking you out of balance instead of creating a healthy internal atmosphere and result.

The body's natural function it is to keep the system clean, healthy active and nourished, so by giving it the appropriate food in small amounts, and the necessary rest so it can work, it will do its job; which is to rebalance the system to function like a clock. 

A Detox Diet works best when combined with abundant water, as the blood is carrying the toxins that the body is eliminating and an abundant overflow of water will allow the blood to release the toxins easier, (remember our body releases toxins only through urine, stool and sweat... what we call the "MALA system"), you can support this process with natural cleansing laxatives, like Physillium Husk or Trifala  regular soft exercise, and good sound sleep.

If you follow DINACHARYA, daily Ayurvedic routines and adequate times to eat and do things, your will obtain the best results. A correct, balanced Detox Diet not just cleanses your body but helps optimise your mental & emotional functions too.


    Is A Detox Diet Plan Right for You?

    The vital part of a Detox Diet is identifying the right plan for you. If you are trying it out for the first time, try a 5 day or one week plan. It helps you decide whether the diet option is right for you. 

    In Ayurveda Sol we have put together a very well balanced "5 Day Detox Plan" inspired in Ayurvedic principles, that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, considering all which was mentioned before. Also important that what ever you chose to cleanse with MUST be ORGANIC, as remember we want our body to cleanse, not to increase its level of toxicity with foods that contain heavy metals, preservatives, added sugars etc.

    Detoxifying with nourishing foods will be a pleasant change from your regular meal habits. You also get to experiment with herbs & spices that can then become part of your regular diet.

    Never try to mix different diet plans, as this might make them redundant and detrimental. A Detox Diet can be a good starting point to Stop-RESET-& RE-Start in a healthier way.

    In a nutshell, you can benefit from a Detox Diet Cleanse and;

    • Loose excessive body fat.
    • It will help you reduce stress, tension & hyperactivity/inactivity.
    • You will get a good sound sleep which could help with your overall body functioning.
    • You may increase your performance & boost productivity.
    • Since it is for the short term, a detox diet plan will offer you a much-needed break to relax.