About our Ayurvedic Ayurvedic Oils


●    Tri-doshic Organic Black Sesame Oil

The tri-doshic organic black sesame oil has been considered the most penetrating of all vegetable oils, and it is an excellent product for daily use. All you have to do is warm up the oil and transfer it into a metallic bowl, so it doesn’t get contaminated, after you can apply it in a form of self massage that in Ayurveda is called, Self Abhyanga. Self-massaging your body, is a very healing and nourishing practice, the act of massage itself melts away tension and stress from the muscles. Ayurveda believes that these inherent Ayurvedic massage benefits are further enhanced with the addition of tri-doshic organic black sesame oil

●    Vata dosha grounding roll-on oil

When Vata is imbalanced, people tend to feel anxious, restless, and nervous, and this oil can help them balance the dosha. In addition, the Vata gounding blend will make you feel less anxious and encourage your mind to be clearer and more settled.

●    Pitta dosha refreshing roll-on oil

When pitta is imbalanced, people tend to have rashes, irritation and overheating in their skin, the Pitta refreshing blend helps you calm and cool yourself. It is a perfect oil for really active people.

●    Kapha dosha energizing roll-on oil

As the name suggests, this oil helps people inspire their senses, so if you are feeling sluggish, dull, lazy, and you are not feeling energetic enough, the Kapha energizing oil will be a good blend for you!

●    Vata grounding roll-on oil and jasmine water facial mist bundle

The mixture will help your skin feel hydrated and radiant because when the Vata dosha is unbalanced,  your skin will eventually fall to dehydration. The jasmine extracts will make sure to balance the moisture with its anti-aging properties. This bundle is special for my super thinkers, multitasking crazzy, happy DO-IT-ALL Vata ladies :)

 ●   Anu thailam-oil 

This oil is best for people with head and neck aches, and it is in use for detoxification therapies as well. All you need to do is just apply two drops per nostril before sleep or in the morning. However, following the advice of your practitioner is a must.

●    Pitta refreshing roll-on oil and rose water facial mist bundle

The mixture of these oils gives you a comfortable, cool, and relaxed feeling. The gentle fragrance of the rose can help you feel refreshed and less overheated. The rose spay is the ultimate love and care for your skin! This bundle is for the pitta ladies that have so much heat inside with their passion and pushing strenght, that they need to stop and enjoy a refresh!

●    Kapha energizing roll-on oil and rose water facial mist bundle

The mixture of oils is specifically made to inspire you. You deserve to be radiant. These will make your skin look beautiful by reducing the size of the pores and increasing your skin moisture. This blend is for the very giving Kapha ladies, that can be so nurturing and sometimes need to be nurture back!