Pitta Calming Spices

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Ayurveda believes we have all 5 elements in our body.

Pitta is composed of the elements of Fire and Water

When Pitta is out of balance you start to feel:

  • overheated,
  • irritable,
  • angry, and
  • eventually sick.

We believe that adding the Pitta Calming spices "churna" to your food can help you balance and regain serenity.

If this is what you need, we recommend just a little bit of this churna sprinkled on food while cooking or to your prepared dish. This can help you digest better as well as help with any Pitta imbalances.

This Pitta Calming spice contains an adequate proportion of each spice in order to contribute to the overall balance of the Pitta Dosha.

Ingredients: *Certify Organic Fennel, *Coriander, *PepperMint, *Cardamom, *Cinnamon, *Ground Ginger, Saffron strands.

30 grams

Made in Australia from imported ingredients.

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