Dinacharya - Daily Essentials pack

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One of the primary ways in which you can maximize your potential for perfect health is by building daily habits and routines that allow us to achieve physical, mental, social, and spiritual harmony.

You can take action by incorporating this set of products that will make easy your daily routines and help you achieve a state of perfect balance.

We highly recommend this ALL-IN-ONE PACK:

  1. Copper Tongue Scraper, to be used in the morning as you wake up to remove the white coating of the tongue that has built through the night.
  2. Organic Black Sesame Oil, to perform self-massage (Abhyanga) (recommended before the morning shower).
  3. Anu Thailam Oil, to perform daily Nasya. To keep the nasal passages clear, to improve neural connectivity and favour all neck and head functions.
  4. Chyawanprash, to be consumed as a Rasayana (Rejuvenation Jam) every morning before breakfast or in toast or pancakes as a snack. Packed with Vitamin C and Immune boosting herbs.
  5. Triphala, one of Ayurveda’s most used preparations, cleanse the digestive tract, improves absorption and promotes timely elimination of Ama (toxins) To be consumed on daily basis in the morning as Rasayana with water, or at night before bed.

*All the specific consumption instructions will be found on each product label, or you can find them on each product description on the product page.

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