Learn everything about detoxifying your body in 5 days

The word detoxification is said to create so much buzz around, but do you know what detoxification is? What does the buzzword mean? If not, then you are on the right spot. Detoxification is getting rid of certain toxins from the human body by following a certain diet or using particular products.

The process of detoxification helps improve one's health issues and also helps in losing bodyweight. In addition, the process is also beneficial in minimizing the physical harm caused by all the willingly or unwillingly toxins that we intake throughout our normal day.

The body's natural job is to detoxify us every night. Simple, it knows how to do it, it's programmed to do and all our organs work in co-existence to allow this to happen.

Now, this process only happens if we don't abuse the system and if we enable the adequate scenario for the body to do it's job.

Today, with the amount of external pollution, the chemical preservatives that are added to our food, plus our internal environment usually stressed and discontent... the mix of foods that we pour into one meal without knowing that many of them are not only detrimental but also incompatible, the body's natural job to detoxify us, becomes very hard and almost impossible to achieve without our help.

Imagine what would happen if you indiscriminately poured petrol, diesel, kerosene, propane and a cup of sugar together into the petrol tank of your car. That is precisely what most people put into their bodies today, mixing meat, milk, bread, fat, sugar, additives, preservatives, chemicals... The result is obvious, as like in the car, the fuel will burn inefficiently, producing fuel -smelling toxins, it will begin to wheeze and splutter, it will start having rotary failures, until the whole machine will need to go to the mechanic and the cost would be really high. All this happens in the same way to our bodies, after a long period of accumulation, conditions are created in the body leaving the tissues highly toxic and subject to any disease.

Detoxing on regular basis, helps us avoid getting sick and have to undergo serious or unpleasant interventions.

The body has a natural process of DETOXING and RETOXING, as the natural environment where we exist is subject to this condition, unless you are on the top hills of the Himalayas, eating only native untouched herbs and plants, most likely, you are one of the normal people that its body suffers this ongoing chain of purification and contamination.

Fortunately, there are simple ways to get the job of detox done quickly and efficiently and to repair the damage that toxicity does to vital organs and functions. How ever it is up to you to take the time and apply the discipline required to detoxify your System properly, and to do so on a regular basis, just the way you maintain your car.. (or should at least).

In the Far East, where people like to work hard, play hard and enjoy every aspect of life, health and longevity have always been cultivated as the two most precious treasures of life. Regardless of how busy they became Asian societies have always taken their time to relax, replenish their energies, rest their minds and bodies and allow time and space for detoxification to happen as they know this process only enhances the enjoyment of life's pleasures.

The way we suggest in Ayurveda Sol to Detox is by following a program of minimum food intake, which will give the body the "fuel" it needs along with the necessary spices, seeds, herbs and REAL NOURISHING WHOLESOME FOOD.

Detoxing with REAL FOOD is the only thing your body can naturally process, assimilate and timely eliminate in an optimal way. All the cleanses that are based on pills, powders or dehydrated components or just fasting, won't resonate with the body's tissues, and will eventually aggravate one or more of the Doshas taking you out of balance instead of creating a healthy internal atmosphere and result.

A Detox Diet works best when combined with abundant water, as the blood is carrying the toxins that the body is eliminating and an abundant overflow of water will allow the blood to release the toxins easier, (remember our body releases toxins only through urine, stool and sweat... what we call the "MALA system"), you can support this process with natural cleansing laxatives, like Physillium Husk or Trifala regular soft exercise, and good sound sleep.

In Ayurveda Sol we have put together a very well balanced "5 Day Detox Plan" inspired by Ayurvedic principles, that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also important that whatever you choose to cleanse with MUST be ORGANIC, as remember we want our body to cleanse, not to increase its level of toxicity with foods that contain heavy metals, preservatives, added sugars etc.

The 5 Day Detox Box contains all you need to follow up your 5-day detox program. Made with wholesome foods, herbs, and spices; AyurvedaSOL has put it all in just one box for you.

The Box has proven it's important to many of our customers. (read some reviews) People who have followed the 5-day detox program have noticed a fair amount of change in their life. First, because the 5-day detox box made them feel energetic, sharper in their mind, and most of all balanced in a mental, physical, or emotional level.

The 5-day detox box will allow you to STOP-RESET and RE-START fresh and clear with the new approach you want to have in life, in terms of diet and in terms of lifestyle.

Why would you not need a break from your hectic routine? And just like you want to get relieved from the outside, so does your gut, from the inside.

It is a MONO-DIET, this means you will be eating the same food every day, this will help your gut to reduce the multitasking function it undergoes due to the mix intake we have every day. So, it will have the "fuel" it needs, given by all the nourishing wholesome foods that it contains, but it will give space for the system to works it's way to cleanse itself.

It is important to chuck out waste from our body because if not, this will lead us to accumulate “Ama” toxins that create a great scenario for disease.

All the ingredients in this 5 Day Detox Plan are carefully picked to satisfy all your body's need during the Detox process.

We recommend to do a form of detox twice a month, although make sure it is a balanced, wholesome, and carefully put together by a team with a good background in nutrition and health, so your essential needs are not overlooked by a simple weigh- loss technique that usually aggravates all the doshas which is opposite of what you need and want.

Advantages of using our 5-day Detox Box

The 5-day detox box has tailored instructions and recommendations.

Here are some of the advantages you must consider.

  • It is beneficial for the organs to reduce digestive distress.
  • It stimulates the liver so that it can drive the toxins out of the body.
  • It is beneficial in promoting the absorption of nutrients.
  • It assists in eliminating waste through sweat, urine, and stool.
  • It is beneficial in improving blood circulation and also in re-fueling the body with healthy nutrients.

Advantages of using the 5-day Detox Box