About Maria


Maria Jose Valenzuela has a private practice in Byron Bay, Australia where she offers face-to-face and online Holistic/Ayurvedic consultations to balance daily life in it's many aspects.

Maria works with women and men that have issues related to digestion, disturbed sleep patterns, PMS, hormonal unbalances, overweight, and/or emotional-stress triggers. She also works with people that want to find a new approach to diet and lifestyle in order to release old patterns and detrimental habits that are limiting to their fullest potential. 

She created Prana-Life Ayurveda in 2019 to offer Detoxification Programs and in 2021 created AyurvedaSol as an online shop for Ayurvedic and Rejuvenating products.

With an insatiable search for life answers, Maria started her journey in the Ayurvedic field over 12 years ago with her first Guru/Teacher Dc. Guruji Somvier. To that, followed many other courses, diplomas and formal studies on Ayurveda in India, Bali and Australia. 

Maria has worked with people all over the world, with gentle and tailored programs, practices and follow-ups. She invites her patiences to see life with an uplifting perspective, using the teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda as the base, she has incorporated different techniques learnt to achieve health, peace and purpose.

Maria had worked as a Designer in Europe for many years and after having a cancer diagnosed, her life changed for good and turned into Yoga and Holistic wellbeing as a personal practice that now she offers with dedication, love and compassion to her patiences.

” I believe that we are in this Earth to be the best version of ourselves that we possibly can. This might take us some time to realise and to put it in action, but one day, we will decide the time as come. Even in a hectic modern world, health, wellbeing and happiness are well within reach. I encourage you to take happiness and health into your own hands, find balance in your mind and body as this are the tools given to us to become that best version that we really are. For me, following my Guru´s teachings, honouring my parents, children, family and friends AND FOLLOWING AYURVEDIC PRINCIPLES OF LIFESTYLE has help me shape the person I am today, Grateful, Satisfy, Happy, and Realised! “ Om Namah Shivaya