Ayurvedic Consultation

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1-In the Initial Consultation, we will determine your Dosha (qualities of the mind and body according to Ayurveda), and we will review:

  • Past medical history,
  • Medicines, supplements you are currently consuming,
  • The diet you are eating at the moment,
  • Elimination System (malas),
  • Sleep patterns,
  • Any ailments,
  • Life, work and family balance and any problems inherent to these,
  • Any stresses or pressures.

You will receive personalized advice and tools to keep your Dosha in balance through Diet Nutrition, Lifestyle, treatments and herbs if necessary.

2-It is important to receive a Follow-up Consultation after 2 to 3 weeks time to evaluate how the initial protocol is working, to then move forward in the healing process and to review anything that has come up while implementing the recommendations.


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