Ayurvedic Consultation + Detox Box

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In the  Initial Consultation, we will determine your Dosha (qualities of the mind and body according to Ayurveda). 

We will review the diet you are consuming at the moment, how your waste/elimination channels are working (Malas), how your sleep patterns are affecting you. How the mind is coping with any stress, and how the body is dealing with the ingested food and external influences, family, work, and personal matters that can be influencing your overall health. 

You will receive personalized advice and tools to keep your Dosha in balance through Diet Nutrition, Lifestyle, treatments, and herbs if necessary.

Individually this has a cost of $130 AUD

This "5 Day Detox" plan is what we call a Mono-Diet.

The Box contains everything you need for 5 days of Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

This means you will be eating the same food every day for 5 days. This will give your digestive system a well-needed break from all the “multitasking” it undergoes every day while digesting a whole range of mixed food, many times combined not in the easiest or proper way for our body to work efficiently and “chuck out” the waste. When the waste is held in the body, it will eventually become Ama (toxins) and lead to disease.  This Detox Plan is Tridoshic, which means all Dosha types can benefit from this mono-diet.

The Detox Boxes Individually start from $119 AUD

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