5 Dias de Detox

Precio habitual $60.000


Esta Caja contiene todos los alimentos que necesitarás para una nutrición consciente y saludable. El plan de 5 días tiene todo lo que necesitas para desayunos, almuerzos y cenas. Comerás la misma comida todos los días para beneficiar tu bienestar emocional y equilibrio cuerpo-mente, logrando así una alimentación sana y equilibrada.

Siguiendo este plan, podrás disfrutar de alimentos frescos, orgánicos y de temporada que te ayudarán a purificar tu cuerpo y liberarlo de toxinas. Todo esto a través de una dieta vegetariana.

Esto le dará a tu sistema un merecido descanso de la constante ingesta de alimentos mixtos y te permitirá descansar y recargar energías para que puedas salir triunfante con ánimo y más determinación en tu día a día.

Por solo $12.000 pesos diarios tendrás todas tus comidas del día. ¡Es una gran oportunidad para PARAR, RESETEARTE y VOLVER A EMPEZAR con una alimentación consciente y saludable que te ayudará a alcanzar tus objetivos de bienestar y salud!

Customer Reviews

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Felipe Ferretti

The experience of doing the Detox was very positive, since I felt connected to myself both emotionally and physically... by preparing breakfast and meals myself, I felt my mind very present and my body connected to the experience, that was my big takeaway!

Pablo Fogar

"Other than a Detox is an experience to reflect on our diet and habits, to look inward and understand how our body works and its relationship with food. I felt very good during these days, physically I was doing lots of sports and mentally I loved the control I had over my anxiety and being able to understand the process"

Caro Emhart

I loved my detox box. For 3 main reasons: Delicious and tasty, I learned, and my body understood that I can be very well with less intake. It is not necessary to normalize belli pains, swellings or others. The body is perfect and works well. This diet showed me that I can avoid feeling bloated and thus recognize the foods that are not good for me. Bonus track: Maria was always responding with care and attention to my doubts and concerns....

Marta Diaz

"I enjoyed the taste of the food and never felt hungry during the detox. It helped me a lot to maintain a sense of order and prepare my own food (something I had never done before). I felt a sense of respect and honouring towards my body and my diet. In fact, I have started eating earlier in the evening since completing the detox, which has been very helpful. The instructions for the detox were very clear and easy to follow, even for someone like me who is not skilled in the kitchen. This made the process easier as I was able to do everything perfectly. Overall, I loved the detox and looking forward to do it again in the future."

Tamara Gil

Thanks for making it easy!!! I've been following Ayurvedic routines for a while, but couldn't get it fully together. Wasn't sure what to buy, when to use... With this pack, it all just flows easy, food is delicious and of great quality. Great price/quality! Love it!!!

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