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At Ayurveda SOL, our mission is to help women like you, committed to success, who despite having many responsibilities and daily commitments, know that their own well-being is essential to achieve their goals and objectives. We understand that the fast pace of modern life can lead us to neglect our physical and mental health, which is why our certified therapist in Ayurvedic medicine and holistic health, María José Valenzuela, invites you to empower yourself through courses, coaching and personalized sessions for Take control and autonomy of your holistic health and well-being. Using conscious eating, daily practices and personal knowledge, we take you from the most basic to the most expansive version of you, where your creative magic is found, where you can manifest the reality you desire so much.

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This Detox is for you to return to your maximum efficiency. It is our right to be healthy, energized, strong and happy.
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It is a personalized program delivered online, designed to optimally improve and maintain your health.
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I transformed my life, and now my passion is to see you transform yours.

The better our body works, we will feel happier, fuller and we will be able to live daily with adequate energy. The holistic programs that I offer, with a series of ancestral practices and a conscious selection of foods, will nourish your Body, Mind and Soul.


Thank you! Maria, I want to thank you because now Ayurveda is part of my diet and I follow the routines as you recommended. My digestion is much stronger...you changed my vision of food and nutrition...deep gratitude.

Marcella Patanelli
Italy, 2020

Dear Maria, I cannot thank you enough for how much you helped me turn my life in the right direction. All the Ayurvedic herbs and advice you gave me have made a huge difference in my health. I will continue to apply them and return to further progress towards holistic wellness.

Jolanda I.
Byron Bay, Australia. 2021

The boxes were very well presented. The Detox was very easy to prepare which made the experience easy and stress free. After completing the 5 days I felt more energetic and healthier. I'm making my second box now.

Irit Harris
Melbourne, Australia. 2019

For a guy like me, it was really easy to do. One of the reasons I resisted other Detoxes before was because I didn't want to go hungry or have headaches. Now, after 2 months, I still feel the benefits of cleanliness, clarity in my mind and emotions. I wish I could make it once a month, I'm already looking forward to my next box!

Matias Romani
Sydney, Australia. 2022

Incredible nutritional tips, Maria is the best! We had online consultations because I needed a natural approach that could help me with a bone disease that I suffer from. By faithfully following the routines and dietary advice that you suggested, I have had a great improvement. I totally recommend her as a holistic therapist, Maria will do everything she can to help you!

Francesca Ferretti
Santiago, Chile. 2019

My experience with Maria has been incredibly positive. Starting with a very close and personalized attention, with detailed instructions, and a very complete follow-up of my evolution throughout the process. I feel good, my digestive pains have disappeared, I no longer have gas and my mind is sharper and more creative. Always following the sweet and comforting guidance of Maria. Thank you for all your loving and caring support and for introducing me to Ayurveda.

Arianne Martin
Barcelona, ​​Spain. 2022

Maria is a great guide to health! After the cleanse I felt much lighter and alert and slept better! Your support, María, during the personal consultations was very enriching. Now I can eat the right foods, know more about Ayurveda and my biotype, and have more benefits for optimal health. Thank you for being such a wonderful help and teacher. I'm going to detox again!

Unmani C. Burkhardt

No premenstrual symptoms for the first time in years.

Hello dear Maria. I have been taking the herbs for almost a week and my energy and period have already regulated. Is incredible! Thank you so much.

Bec Isaac
Byron Bay, Australia. 2021


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