Cancer... What vibration will those 6 letters have together that generate so much emotional movement?...

Mom and her beloved daughters

I wrote this for my mother when she was diagnosed with Cancer more than a year ago.

6 months after her departure, I came across this text that already represents the realization of the path she chose, and it moves me even more to read it.

I share it with you from the bottom of my heart.

February, 2022

Thinking of you…

The word CANCER is a high impact word, having gone through it, I know that when that word refers to one or someone we love, it is as if our entire life flashes before our eyes in a second...I wonder what vibration they will have. On an energetic level those 6 letters together…

For those who see only the words, well yes, it is terrible. However, and without offending anyone, I believe it is an opportunity whispered in your ear, God speaking to you a little closer than before.

For those who want to see it like this, it is a gift with two paths, one, to know that we made it royal and our mission on this earth is over, or the other, to give us a very powerful tool, a kind of internal flashlight, which It helps to see specifically in areas where we were not letting the light through due to barriers that we ourselves put up, whether due to heartbreak, sorrow, abandonment, or anger. But deep down, reality is not that, our being exists thanks to light, which together with the contrast with darkness gives us shape, but sometimes we confuse being with form. In short, cancer, for some, is an opportunity to wake up and learn to use that flashlight to see clearly.

For my mother, who always provoked us all to see things differently, promoter of radical changes, and generator of opinions, emotions, criticism and applause, once again, La Cuchita surprises us all with her different way of transmit the messages, in this case, as in many others in his life, the way in which he transmits to us the beautiful teaching of his beloved Jesus, putting his face (literally) to the difficulties and taking the battle ahead, shining that lantern in the hearts of all of us around her to awaken gratitude for the life we ​​have, and flood us with gratitude for everything beautiful that surrounds us. A generous way to share the light of your flashlight with all of us.

And this is how I see you, mommy, with bravery and courage, surrounded by a gentle army, eclectic like only you, dogs, angels, humans, Martians, kittens, women, men, and the entire spectrum of beings for whom you have always fought and defended, to those whom you have generously given and guided, giving your love and your light in the most different ways.

This is yours mamma, choose which path you want to take, because we are in all of them with you!

I love you,