5 Day Detox Box

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This box contains all you need for this 5 Day program.

We invite you to try this Box that contains REAL WHOLESOME FOODS, HERBS, and SPICES.

People who have tried this menu every day, for 5 days, have noticed a very satisfying improvement in their energy, which can be at a mental, physical and emotional level.

We believe this can give your system a well-needed break from all the “multitasking” it undergoes while digesting a whole range of mixed food, many times not combined in the best way for the body to “chuck out” the waste. When the waste is held in the body, it will eventually become "Ama" making us feel overall distressed and unhappy.

We believe this can:

  1. Rest the organs by reducing digestive distress,
  2. Stimulating the liver to drive toxins from the body;
  3. Promote absorption of nutrients, elimination of waste through sweat, urine, and stool,
  4. Improve circulation of the blood; and.
  5. Refuel the body with healthy nutrients.

Breakfast: We provide you with a delicious selection of Certify Organic dry fruits, spices, and either Wheat-Free Oats or Semolina for your breakfast, you just add your choice of milk.

Lunch and Dinner: We provide you with wholesome organic ingredients, pre-mixed with adequate spices, and herbs to cook your perfect rice dish that has traditionally been used in Ayurveda for years, to help people rebalance.

This Plan is Tridoshic, which means all Dosha types can benefit from it.

If you feel it is time you take action, I encourage you to do it!

Each Box Contains:

  • 1) 120 ml jar of your choice of OIL - Organic Ghee or Organic Coconut Oil
  • 2) Seeds MIX (Certify Organic ajwain seeds, Certify Organic cumin seeds, Certify Organic mustard seeds)
  • 3) Lunch / Dinner MIX 2 (Certify Organic red lentils, Certify Organic white basmati rice, Certify Organic turmeric.)
  • 4) Spice MIX (Certify Organic ginger powder, asafoetida (hing), Himalayan pink salt.)
  • 5) Breakfast -your choice of breakfast- ( Organic Wheat Oats, or Wheat-Free Oats both mixed with a dash of Organic cardamom-clove-cinnamon powder, and Certify Organic panela.)
  • 6) Breakfast MIX (Certify Organic diced pitted dates, Certify Organic coconut flakes, Certify Organic almonds, Certify Organic pepitas and Certify Organic sunflower kernels.)
  • 7) Fiber (soluble psyllium husk)
  • 8) Cooper Tongue Scraper
  • 9) Step by Step Instructions and Frequent Ask Questions card.

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