Can it be an online Ayurveda consultation?

The latest events that have been happening to our society, to our humanity and our planet, have resulted in many professionals taking their practices online.

A health session, was inconceivable online, as people wanted the Dc. or Practitioner to have a "really good look" at them, to touch them if needed and to do all the "normal" protocol we were use to for the longest period of time.

Now that has changed, people's minds have changed and are more likely to be ok to receive a diagnosis or recommendations by a DC. or Practitioner online. Amazing results have been achieved in the last 3 years of lockdown, no matter the interface, either face-to-face or online.

Ayurveda is also one of these practices that in order to continue to serve people's health, has moved to an online interface. Ayurveda is an ancestral practice that has always worked on the 1:1 (client-practitioner) paradigm, as the practitioner would evaluate the persons prakruti and vikruti (body and mental type and it's imbalances) by physical observation, physical evaluation and by paying attention to the patience's movements, actions, speed of talk, frame of body, and in general how it holds him/her self during the session.

With the current technology, such as very clear video cameras, and most of the time un-interrupted internet, the practitioner can observe the person's frame, can observe details of their eyes and can see their fingers, hands, tongue, and direct the person to show what is needed for the practitioner to evaluate, lets say it can literally observe almost everything, except take the pulse.

This technology has given people from all over the world the possibility to consult with the practitioners and doctors of their choice all over the world, something that only a few years ago was was un-imaginable.

So yes, I believe online practices are a possibility, online video recommendations, online courses, video chats etc. These are just the "form", the "package" they are not the content. When we talk about Ayurveda, we talk about more then 5000 years worth of content, health advice, recommendations etc.

So when it comes to resolving a chronic issue, choosing the best diet that suits your body type or taking supplements and medicines... would you not consider to consult someone that has been highly recommended or that you have followed for a long time but they Are they in the US, or in Australia, or in South America? I think is fascinating, all the back history, the background you can gain from approaching and having online accessibility to someone on the other side of the world from the comfort of your home, this even in your own hometown in case I are sick or the weather, or regulations don't permit a physical visit.

How is an online consultation?

When you get engaged with an online Ayurvedic consultation for example with me in Australia, if you are on the other side of the world, the first thing I will do is find an adequate time slot so we are both fresh and comfortable, and then send you an invitation either on zoom or Whatsapp, or meet (for example)

Then I will follow the exact same protocol as I would do if you were sitting in my consultation in front of me, and I will be observing your features, the way you express your self, how and when you talk, your movements etc.

This just helps me determine your biotype and gives me a hint on how to guide you better, but the core of the consultation will be given by our conversation, where I will continue a thorough and constant observation of your beautiful being.

We will talk about your regular diet, your elimination channels, your sleeping patterns, how your body is dealing with the ingested food. We will talk about your mind, stress influences, family, work. So that I can offer you the best help by promoting your lifestyle through proper diet and nutrition and treatments if they are necessary. Does it sound like this is possible on an online call?

Reasons to approach for an online Ayurvedic consultation

There are some basic yet helpful things in which an online Ayurveda consultation might help you:
  • It will make you aware of the lifestyle you should follow to remain happy and healthy.
  • It will empower you through their sessions on how to make the right choices, regarding diet and all sorts of external intakes.
  • It will make you aware and knowledgeable of the Ayurvedic principles and give you tips about how you can apply them in your daily life.
  • Through an online Ayurvedic consultation, a practitioner will understand your condition and manage those conditions through specific techniques and treatments if needed.

Conditions that can be managed through an online Ayurvedic Consultation

The Ayurvedic consultation helps manage certain conditions that may give your distressed life a boost, the energy to start up again but with relaxation, calmness, and authenticity. Ayurveda can manage:

  • fatigue,
  • lack of vitality,
  • arthritis,
  • joint pain,
  • stiffness,
  • lack of sleep,
  • lack of appetite or excessive appetite,
  • weight gain,
  • hormone unbalance,
  • digestive problems,
  • food intolerance,
  • mental activity
  • high blood pressure
  • constipation
  • skin irritations
  • ... and general pain among others.
  • Most likely through an online Ayurvedic consultation, the practitioner will understand your pain and what's affecting you the most in the mental and emotional realms, which are the determine factors of any imbalance. (Emotional problems are faced by many, but not many are willing to find the link between their emotions and their physical body, but when you do, half the path is resolved) Believe me, the way I treat body conditions, starts in the mind and it's behavior, and people walk away with the greatest "AHA" moment they've had in years! If you don't believe me read some reviews ...

Conclusion... long story short... IT IS POSSIBLE to have an Ayurvedic Consultation Online!

You must have an idea now about certain factors in which an online consultation might be of help to you. However, internet is a great platform that brings us so much information of our interest, never forget to be your own teacher at all times, to educate yourself, to investigate, inform yourself in all the resources that are now available, saying these, AyurvedaSOL recommends to be guided and followed by a practitioner so you can see effective changes, and you can move forward with the healing process. Remember is not just your body, is your Body-Mind & Soul.

And if you need my help, delighted to be of service to the greatest good of balance by helping everyone that comes my way with a real and determined intention to improve their health and their life with Ayurveda's principles of wellbeing.

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